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 ♥Hotel Villa San Michele, a place out of time...
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 Villa San Michele restaurant's mosaic

The restaurant is placed in the middle of a park from wich is possible to reach the sea and enjoys itself with one of the most pleasant panorama of the Amalfi Coast.

It’s built with glasses respecting the surrounding Mediterranean nature and mixing magnificently with it.

Dipino’s family works since generations in the hospitality and refreshment (feeding) fields. Mrs. Rosa Mammato and the Chef Pasquale Donatantonio day by day take personally care of the menu, choosing only the best aliments that in that moment are available on the Coast, as appetizers composed by typical Lattari Mountains’ products as local sausages and lemons or changing completely the scene with fresh caught fish.

Lagane, Scialatielli, Gnocchi and Crespolini represent the state of the art in first dishes and they can’t miss as home - made pasta in the foods’ list.

To guarantee the total satisfaction of your palate, the fish, that prevails our zone’s second dishes, fruit and vegetables, will be carefully selected taking in consideration the climate, even if most of the time is really temperate, and the seasons.

Cakes and dessert represent the sweetest chapter in local cooking: Pastiere, Crostate , Torta Caprese , Delizie al limone, Torta al Limone , il Babà , il Pasticciotto leave us with a big doubt: are they more beautiful or more tasteful? We leave to our guests the pleasure to understand it.FOOD1

The glory of a cooking would not be complete without excellent beverages... Amalfi Coast’s Doc wines and liquors as Limoncello, Laurino, Finocchietto and Concierto exalt the experience and makes it unforgettable.


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