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"Il sentiero degli dei"

SentieroCertainly with good reasons the local population have rhetorically baptized this path "God's Valley"; walking along the coast at the feet of the Mount S. Angel "A Tre Pizzi", this pathway gives the opportunity to admire one of the most spectacular panorama in the world, the view of the entire Amalfi Coast's western appendix, from Praiano to Capri. Along the crossing, participants will contemplate all the characteristic traits of the Mediterranean vegetation, from the flora to the fauna. The adventure will include legends and historical anecdotes, mythical caves, enchanted villages, such as Monterpertuso and Nocelle, up to date privileged destination for those who love peacefulness and the ancient, genuine gastronomic tradition.

SentieroActivity routing: The total path is 5.5-6 km long, with an ascent gradient of 100 mt, and a descent gradient of 650-740 mt. Walking time will be 5 hours long. Activity materials: • sport clothing • raincoat • trekking boots • hat • sun screen protection • binocular • sun glasses • camera • bottle of water
Meeting in Amalfi in Sant’Andrea square, in front of the BAR Protontino and leave with a public bus towards Bomerano di Agerola. Leave Bomerano and walk towards the God's pathway. Reach the "Biscuit Cave". Stop and 5-10 minutes of lecture with explanations about history and local myths. Cross the Serra Hill Pass. Beyond the Serra Hill, walk up and down across a hilly pathway, with an example of the typical Mediterranean vegetation. 10-15 minutes stop in an ideal position to enjoy the outstanding view (500 mt above the sea level). Following Tagliata Street, leading towards Montepertuso, a Positano hamlet (20 minutes walk). Next destination will be in the hamlet called Montepertuso Old Fountain. Visit the fountain, the cave and an artifact representing the Holly Mary of Graces (another 20 minutes walk). Arrival at a restaurant "Il Ritrovo" and lunch. Lunch Menu - Options available1) L'Ortolano (The Grocery Man)• House appetizer, with roasted vegetables under oil, cheese and homemade salami• Homemade pasta with tomatoes "a pennolo" (a peculiar shape), mozzarella and basil• Chicken breast cooked with balsamic vinegar• House dessert• 1 bottle of water and 1/4 liter of house wine per person. Leave Montepertuso and walk uphill towards Gambera Mount (15 minutes walk). Arrival and visit of Gambera Mount. Stop and lecture on local myths and traditions. Leave Mount Gambera and walk downhill towards Positano. Arrival in Positano. Free time for relax or shopping. Departure from Positano with public bus. Arrival in Amalfi and end of the excursion.


Hotel Villa San Michele Ravello... a place out of time!

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“Colours and tastes of Autumn” at Villa San Michele   From 18 October to 3 November 20191 free day for a weekly booking   From 18 October to 3 November 201910% discount on the official rates for a five nights...

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